ARTICLE 13 OF ITALIAN LAW. N.196/2003 (Privacy Code)

The collected information will only be used for the expressed purposes.
You may request cancellation of your data simply by emailing

-Type of personal user data that is collected:
We only collect the data inserted into this form.

- Method in which we treat your data:
The data will be stored in a secure location and will not be accessible to third parties nor to people who have not received prior authorization by our company.

- Method in which the company sends data to third party companies:
Our company will not send your data to any other company. Your data will always only be handled by our company and only for the purposes expressed in this promotion.

- Procedure for modification or elimination of your personal data:
You may request the cancellation or modification of your data simply by sending an email to the above-mentioned email address.

- Procedure for option deactivation:

This promotion does not require any subscription activation or fee for services, either now or in the future