Permanent Magnets and Magnet

Permanent Energy since 1957
Permanent Magnets and Magnet | English Version Magneti Permanenti e Calamite | Versione Italiana Aimants Permanents  | Version Française Imanes Permanentes e Imanes | Versión en Español Magneten und Permanentmagneten | Deutsch Version

Examples of Magnetization

See some examples of unidirectional, bidirectional and polidirectional, bipolar and multipolar magnetization

  • Examples of Magnetization - Unidirectional Unidirezionale
  • Examples of Magnetization - Polidirectional Polidirezionale

  • Examples of Magnetization - Bidirectional Bidirezionale
    In stripes
    on both sides,
    In sectors
    on both sides
  • Examples of Magnetization - Polidirectional  Polidirezionale

    External side,
    Internal side,
    In stripe on one side,
    In sectors on one side
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