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Permanent Energy since 1957
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Portable and Bench Gaussmeters to reveal and measure the density of magnetic flows

GM1 - Portable Gaussmeter
Model GM1 is a portable Gaussmeter, light and easy to be used, able to measure the intensity of magnetic field and to point out the polarity of a permanent magnet though a Hall effect probe.
Its use is limited to measuring static magnetic fields (DC).
Gauss value is indicated in mT (1 mT = 10 Gauss) and it is visualized on an LCD display with 3 ½ digits.
The range of measure goes from 0 to 1999 mT with a 2% accuracy on the whole range of measure.
Polarity is indicated by 2 Leds: Red for North pole and Green for South pole.
Power supply is a common Battery 9V.

Model 5060 – Portable Gaussmeters
This is a tool that uses a Hall effect probe to detect the static magnetic flux density (dc) in gauss or tesla. The range of measurement varies from 0.1mT (1G) to 1.999T (19.99kG). Featuring a zero setting chamber, battery (9 Vdc), rigid case and user instructions.

Model 5070

Unlike model 5060, this can detect the alternate magnetic flux density (ac) up to a frequency of 10kHz, even in Ampere/M.

Model 5080

The frequency band for alternate fields is higher than model 5070’s: 20kHz. The maximum range reaches up to 3T (30kG). It features an analog exit and an Rs - 232 communication port.

Model 5170/5180

This new series makes use of numerical signal transformation technology, which makes it the first small-sized gaussmeter with a digital signal processor (DSP) on a F.W. Range from 0 to 30 Kg. The maximum error percentage is 1% in the Model 5180 and 2% in the Model 5170.

Model 5180
has an analog output (3V FS) and incorporated software in order to communicate via USB port. All instruments are guaranteed by the CE brand.

Model 6010 – Bench Gaussmeters

The 6010 model, the initial product of the 6000 line, represents the latest development in the measurement of magnetic flow density. Using an innovative temperature compensation system and technology based on the Hall effect, the magnetic fields can be measured up until 300KG (30T) on 6 scales with a resolution of 1.0 mG through an apposite probe.  It can measure DC and AC fields at frequencies that reach up to 20khz with a DC measurement precision in the order of 0.25%. The tool is sold with CE certification.

Model 7010 – One channel Gaussmeter

50 KHz as a measurement interval, automatic selection of the measurement interval, and minimum and maximum measurements. Output in Gauss; Tesla; Oe, A/m. IEEE-488 Interface and Rs-232 from 300mG (30μT) to 300G (30mT) CC ±0,25% of the measurement range CA ±2% of the range.

Model 9950
The 9950 model is the best that is offered by the 9000 series. It is available in three versions, and is able to process only one channel (Model 9951), two channels (Model 9952) or three channels (Model 9953) of the information relating to the magnetic field. It allows for the measurement both in Direct flow (DC) and in Alternate (AC). Conforms to CE.


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