Calamit is a company that, ever since 1957, has been constantly growing, because its precise acknowledgement about how to earn, year after year, the trust of a selected and dedicated customer, not only by ensuring quality and competitive prices, but also by providing innovative technical solutions. In this spirit the Barcelona branch opened in 1991, and the Paris branch in 1999, quickly gaining the trust of a satisfied European clientele.

Calamit was founded in December, 1957 thanks to a little big idea of Carlo Ciambella who, fascinated by the potential of permanent magnets, discovered the possibility to increase their strength as well as the possibilities of use.

In a small laboratory in Milan he created his first patented inventions: the Calamit magnetic clinchers. Since then Calamit has been constantly growing, in compliance with rules and nature.

The certainties offered by Calamit today are:

  • Competitive prices
  • Guaranteed quality
  • Highly qualified personnel
  • Delivery certainty

Today Calamit has two production facilities, one of which is dedicated to the transformation and sale of permanent magnets, while the other is used for the exclusive production of Magnetic Separators and Magnetic Bases for a total covered surface of 5.600 m2, within an area of 10.000 m2 facing the Tangenziale Est.

In 1991 Calamit opened its first branch in Barcelona, which quickly captured an important slice of the market, and in 1999 the Paris branch opened, with the same impressive results in a brief time.


Calamit España was founded in April, 1991.

The offices and the well-stocked warehouse are located on Calle Valencia, close to the Sants station. A highly qualified commercial and technical staff is available to help you solve any magnetic problem.

Calamit España was founded in April,1991 after working in Spain for several years through local retailers. At the beginning of 2013 Calamit España moving from the historical location on Calle Valencia to the new Pratt de Llobregat premises, enabling a net improvement in logistics and an ulterior decrease in delivery times.

A highly qualified staff of super experts is available to help customer solving every magnetic problem.


Ever since 1992, Calamit products have been distributed in France by Francosid. Later on Calamit took over the business to provide its customers with a more direct and quick service. To satisfy its customers, in 1999, Calamit opens a new branch in Paris called “Aimants Calamit”.
It purchases offices and warehouse near Porte de Bagnolet becoming very dynamic in offering and supplying magnets and magnetic systems. In 2008 we moved to Montreuil to a warehouse of 600 square meters. Considering the great success met by Calamit products, the lack of space forced us to move to a bigger location more suitable to our business. It is for this reason that in 2016 we have invested in a new warehouse of 1500 square meters in the industrial area of VILLEPARISIS, ideally situated next to the great road junctions (A1, A104) and to Charles de Gaulle airport.


The third Calamit Branch has been created in April 2013. After his importance growth by acquiring big share of market in Italy Spain and France and with a strong international experience, Calamit now open his doors to a new adventure. In the Munich city centre takes place the Calamit Magnete.

A huge material stock, ready to be sell is always available to the customers and a well-trained technical staff is at your disposal suggesting you the most advanced and efficient technical solutions.

  • Administration
  • The Laboratory and Quality Control
  • Warehouses and Delivery
  • Production
  • Sales
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A powerful IBM system, assisted by a skilful administrative staff, ensures precise answers in real time.