Calamit, can satisfy any need in the sector of permanent magnet and magnetic separation. Many European societies trust our experience, which has matured over 55 years of hard, renowed work.

Mechanical design, in all its forms, is one of Calamit’s strong points. The design of machines or equipment is a challenge that impassions and involves our technicians in synergy with all our potential clients. The satisfaction to see our customers solving their needs through the use of our magnetic systems is worthing all our efforts.

Whether we are talking about automotive, or wood industries, or plastic, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics or food, we are certainly able to find out the right solutions thanks to our continuous research and the contextual development of the ever more advanced technology of magnets. In order to carry out the customer’s requested tasks to satisfaction, we need constant monitoring of the evolution of production and component technology, so as to always offer the best solution.