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Practical Advice

Read this practical advice on the use of permanent magnets suggested by our clients

  • Consigli Pratici Utilizzo Magneti

    Do not place magnets close to any source of heat, since you could permanently damage the magnetic characteristics.

  • Do not place magnets close to audio or video cassettes, recorders, televisions, speakers, magnetic credit cards, compasses, watches, etc. You could irreparably damage them.

  • Do not place magnets with the same polarity close to each other, the magnetic repulsion could damage the magnetic flow.

  • Do not place magnetic materials that are different from each other next to each other (e.g. Neodymium with Alnico). The magnetic direction and the values might face substantial mutations.

  • The use of permanent magnets is not particularly recommended for people with Pace-makers.

  • Store the magnets in a dry environment far away from sources of heat.