Ferrite does not face irreversible de-magnetization

grafico demagnetizzazione ferrite

Coaniax (Alnico)

To obtain the L:D ratio divide the length of a cylindrical bar by its diameter

tabella rapporto lunghezza/diametro alnico

Plastic laminate

  • Plastic laminate does not face any variation until 25°.
  • From 30° C to 120° C it loses 2% for every 10° C in variation. These losses are totally reversible. Over 100°C there will be a loss of flexibility (irreversible).
  • At 209° C it starts to fume.
  • At 270° C it burns.

Rare earths

Neodymium magnets, if heated, faces significant field variations.
In fact there are many variables that influence the behavior of this magnetic material (shape, geometry, gradation type, maximum work temperature, heating cycle).

Samarium Cobalt, on the other hand, resists, with no traumatic variations, up until 250°C.
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