Calamit, with its 52 employees, has become an important entity at European level. The Barcelona, Paris and Munich branches are already witnesses to this.

The key to everything has been reliability, punctuality, competitiveness and quality.

In recent years, Calamit has invested into instruments, to control and verify magnetic quality (pole heated hysteresigraphs, flow calibrators, cross checking, gaussmeters and flowmeters etc.).

Calamit has renovated its machine tools with CNC lathes, entirely automatic working machine, and enlarged the production surface with the purchase of an extremely modern plant adjacent to the former Cologno Monzese site. Calamit, among other things, has created personalized permanent magnets that allow for lifting record: the Soit neo base of 60x60x24 mm can lift up until 250 kg with no problems, the Ted xmayor magnetic separator of 700x700x270 mm can capture a nail from over 400mm away, while a 10x10x2 mm strip, from the new neodymium magnetic rubber (Nanomag), can lift 981 grams of steel: best magnetic rubber, before the arrival of this product, could lift no more than 155 grams.

Calamit then developed new machines that, taking advantage of the different electric resistances of the various non ferrous-metal, can reject them from a distance of up to 2 meters, (eddy current).