Permanent Magnets and Magnet

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Magnet Glossary

Magnets and magnetism: terms, definitions and meaning

  • Anisotropic
    Preoriented material with preferential magnetic direction.
  • Curie point
    Is the temperature above which a permanent magnet completely loses its magnetic characteristics.
  • Remanence
    Is the magnetic force of a magnetic material after having been saturated in a closed circuit.
  • Temperature coefficient
    Is the variable factor that, in percentage, determines the change in magnetic value related to the change in temperature.
  • Isotrope
    Non oriented material that is possible to magnetized in any direction.
  • Air gap
    Distance between two surfaces that engage in magnetic action.
  • Gauss
    Is the unit of measure of the magnetic induction (CGS system).
  • Oersted
    Is the unit of measure of the magnetization field (CGS system).
  • Absolute permeability
    Relationship between a material’s magnetic induction and the magnetic field that produces it.