The Technical Department of Calamit, focused on construction of products for iron separation, has a range of specific systems designed to guarantee the maximum quality of the final product. Our customers are in a crying need for a product which is as much as possible free from every kind of metal. This could avoid any possible damage, both in terms of company’s reputation than to withdraw defective products from the market. Thanks to the use of both magnetic detection and also metal detector systems in the plant it is possible to greatly reduce the above mentioned risks. At the K exhibition which will be held in Dusseldorf a wide range of products related to magnetic separation will be show to potential customer. Highest quality of construction material used in Calamit’s Metal Detector equipment allow to a longer life time and also to match the stringent regulation in terms of food safety. Our Metal Detector are suitable to the most various production’s need: from detection of metals inside packed products in food environment, to iron removal from thermoplastic products. The high number of regulation that can be made, by electric boxes and specific interfacing software, allows to adapt the device to the speed of feeding systems and also to type and dimension of material to be detected.