It’s particularly suitable for little dimensions ferromagnetic material’s recovery and manual handling; materials as nails, screws, bolts, etc. for crates and boxes.
Thanks to the comfortable grip, the extractor can be easily used to attract and release the ferrous material.
The handle situated on the upper part, thanks to its optimized run, allows the collected materials detachment, in an easy way, even if it has little dimensions.
To use it, you should just bring it closer to the part that has been retained, without additional steps.
The ferrite magnet allows the ferrous recovery till about 1 or 2 Kg.
Furthermore it is possible to realize it with neodymium super-magnets, suitables for slightly ferromagnetic’s handling.
Indicative dimensions of the magnetic body are 175x110x105mm, instead the height is 270mm, including the handling grip.