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Magnetic Pots

Permanent Magnetic pot, plug type, flat, rectangular forms and for high temperatures: Calamit Magnetic Systems

Magnetic Pot ,are generally built assembling small iron pot with magnets. Iron, in fact, has the ability to enhance the power characteristics of a magnet, making its strenght 18 times higher (we carefully recommend to read the chapter on magnetic ferrite circuits). The tractive force of a magnetic pot is determined by the following factors:
- magnetic mass
- direction of magnetization
- type of magnetic material
- magnetic/iron mass ratio

Iron has the unique ability of enhancing the magnetic characteristics of any magnet, making its strenght 18 times higher, and calibrating the magnetic intensity so that could better expresses itself by contact or at a certain distance (as an example, the activation of a magnetic reed or a sensor).

Moreover, the coupling of a magnet with iron particles (technically called polar expansions) allows for the mechanization of the pieces with fixing holes, hooks, or threaded shafts, simplifying all sorts of applications.

The iron/magnet coupling precision and the assembly finishing type (pressure, bonding, resin) determines the final force. With an appropriate circuiting of the neodymium Calamit has made a magnetic base called SOIT, which has 60x60x22 mm dimensions and is able ,safely, to lift 280 Kg !!! Calamit produces Magnetic bases in any format, with calibrated traction forces depending on the specific client needs.

Calamit resins, assembles, bonds, cuts, grind and magnetizes in its new facilities in Cologno Monzese in via Emilia.


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