Conveyors are systems to transport and movement of all metallic and non-metallic parts, which contain enough of a ferrous mass to guarantee its correct operation.

The transmission lines are used for the metal packaging and for the canning industry, suitable for the transport of metal packaging and specifically designed for every need.

The structures could be of painted or stainless steel, depending on the environments in which they must operate, and can utilize magnetic tracks, or polyacetal or metallic chains; ceramic or neodymium magnetic components are used for transport functions, as well as for the system design.

Complete power lines, capable to operate in the production cycles from beginning to end, connecting all the systems necessary like welding machines, staplers, testers, fillers, ovens, presses, etc. are produced.

Therefore, complete and automated production lines capable to operate through all the machine steps up  to the creation of the final product are designed.