Depalletizers act on metal components with sufficient ferrous mass to guarantee an optimal functioning.

Their dimensions and  magnetic force  will be based on customer’s technical specifications, with regards to magnetic performance, dimensions and weights.

They are created with a combined structure of steel and stainless steel with the magnetic part, activated by ejectors or pneumatic cylinders, inside. They allow an easy manipulation of layers of tinplate cans, empty or filled, of every form and dimension, glass vases with twist-off capsules, bottles with metal caps and every component with a ferrous mass, allowing for an easy and quick pallet loading/unloading.

The magnets used can be ceramic or neodymium, with one or more layers and different dimensions depending on strength and depth of requested field which is related to form and dimensions of materiale to be packed.

We produce depalletizers for metal box case packers or glass vases with metal caps. Tailor made solutions, different from productive standards, are studied in collaboration with our technical staff in order to create special magnetic heads that must operate in sectors, other than metal packaging.

The use of permanent magnets provides another guarantee with regards to the safety of the installations of magnetic heads.  In fact, in the case of a machine halt, or an absence of power failure, the moving components remain anchored to the head until the installation can start running again.This avoiding any damage to the lines or to the operators.