New studies allowed for the development of an exceptional and innovative flexible magnet with magnetic properties well beyond traditional flexible magnets (up to 6 times). For several years, engineers around the world have tried to mix Neodymium with rubber to create a new product that would be flexible and, at the same time, very powerful.

The technical solution was finally found and now various grades are available that allow you to accurately choose the magnetic characteristics that are most suitable for your final application.

It starts from 2 MGOE and goes up until 8.5 MGOE.

The Nanomag uses multipolar magnetization normally with a very low polar step, so it will tend to express all of its power upon contact (air gap 0) while increasing distance magnetic flow is exponentially reduced – temperature ranges from -40° C to 120° C.

The applications are several: micro speakers, sensors, micro motors, mounting brackets or supports.