This rubber magnet is obtained by an extrusion process and is made in standard rolls of 50 and 100 meters. Longer rolls can be made upon request.

It is part of the family of isotropic materials and it is therefore possible to magnetize it in the best suitable direction for its final use. In terms of width, it goes from a minimum of 2mm to a maximum of 1000 mm, with thicknesses from 0.2mm to 10mm. Plastic extruded rubber magnet’s main characteristics are a low price and durability. It is basically a barium or strontium powder opportunely treated and then extruded while heated. It is therefore possible to design the section most suited to the client’s specific needs simply by designing the extrusion hole.

Can be supplied coupled with a hot adhesive, either standard or high-adhesion foam, or can be coupled with PVC in any color (usually off-white) that can be printed. Moreover, it can be printed or painted in one or more colors for any advertising purposes. It can be cut and printed into various shapes. Is usually multi-polar magnetized at parallel lines with pitch pole depending on the requested application (from 1mm to 7mm).

From the point of view of magnetic attraction it is without doubt the weakest magnetic material; its low production cost allows, however, for many types of uses (panels, toys, gaskets for refrigerators, etc.) Is usually made in just one grade, but the powders can be loaded to as to obtain ad hoc mixtures for any application needed.