Pressure and Gravity Electromagnetic filters (FEP) and (FEG) are devices suitable for extracting magnetic and para-magnetic iron material from all types of liquids, and ceramic enamel and slips.

These electromagnetic systems simplify the separation of iron material, allowing for automatic recovery without production stoppage, preserving from production waste, and guaranteeing a final product free from magnetic steel iron.

In the FEG “Gravity Electromagnetic filters” the liquid contained in the top cup, regulated by floating valve, flows as a constant and uniform speed in the filter rooms that have stainless steel AISI 430 grids, influenced by a magnetic field created by the electric coil. A magnetic valve blocks the liquid flow, in the case of an electric energy interruption, preventing the iron particles from polluting the already impure liquid.

The “Pressure Electromagnetic filters” (PEF) are installed on the discharge side of the pumps, with the input from the bottom fitting, so as to avoid, in the absence of electric energy, pollution of the already treated material. The Electromagnetic filters require electric direct current feed at a low tension and come with an electric command center.