DHG magnetic type iron removers are devices complete with a vibrating feeder and a  conveyor belt, suitable for automatically extracting para-magnetic metals from inert materials in mineral treating facilities.

These permanent magnet systems simplify separation, allowing for automatic recovery without production stoppage, guaranteeing a final product free from steel magnetic iron.
The layer of material to be treated should not be over 10 mm. The DHG separator with SPM can be supplied in measurements and dimensions perfectly suitable to any need.

The concept of separation is very simple; the inert material conveyed by an apposite vibrating feeder, once it arrives close to a magnetic roller head (Pulley) will fall due to gravity (if we imagine a clock, the material will fall at around 3 o’clock) on a secondary conveyer belt or into a container, while the iron will be detained (until 6 o’clock) and then released thanks to some help from a strip or a porter that will drag the captured iron material out of the magnetic field and into another container or into a dedicated conduct.

Neodymium permanent magnets allow for almost unlimited time duration, and the PSM magnet system does not require any maintenance aside from scheduled regular cleaning/removal of iron material that may have accidentally inserted itself between the mat and the magnetic pulley.

We can provide any format upon request.