The DEO type automatic cleaning Electromagnetic iron removers are devices suitable for extracting magnetic iron from inert materials in recycling plants and waste treatment facilities, in the food industry, in plastic and in wood, in the recovery of ferrous metal from the crushing of appliances, cars, “computer” weee, mineral crushing facilities, all essential for glass and ceramics.

These electromagnetic systems work thanks to a coil wound around a nucleus that, fed by direct current, creates an opportunely sized magnetic field based on the necessary attraction distance, taking into account the layer and the typology of the transported material, around which an extracting tape is wound, which automatically separates, without production stoppage, any ferrous material, allowing for the recovery of magnetically permeable material and preserving the blade shredders, mills and grinders from potential breakage, besides guaranteeing a final product exempt from magnetic steel iron.

The DEO series is recommended for automatic separation of high volumes. They are generally suspended at around 100/600mm transversely above Conveyor belts and Vibrating Feeders, or longitudinally on the head of the transport and conveying system. This electromagnetic system is also used where, due to production logic, there is no need for a permanent separation, and therefore the essential advantage is represented by the possibility of inserting/removing the magnetic field with a simple switch, and avoiding the systematic attraction of the iron material that is moving below.

The DEO separator must be mounted on a special structure appropriately calculated and sized so as to sustain the weight of the Overbelt Electromagnetic Iron remover, ensuring that there are no high permeability metallic structures or mat support rollers under the magnetic field, since these would completely or partially nullify the attraction capabilities of the DEO iron removal system. 

In order to optimize separation and to help remove the captured iron material, the DEO mat with strips/porters or various sizes and numbers can be supplied if needed; moreover, it can be made with oil resistant rubber.

The adequate circuit of the coils (in C class) allows for an almost unlimited time duration, and the DEO electromagnetic system does not need any sort of maintenance, aside from substitution of the used mat and bearings following scheduled and periodic maintenance.
Upon request, the DEO can be supplied with an electric command center and, if needed, a magnetic field regulator. The duration of the isolation of electro-technical products is influenced by many factors, among which, very importantly, is temperature.

The following table shows the division into temperature classes and the relative temperature intervals. The DEOs require direct current electric feeds at low tension, and are supplied with an electric control panel. Remember that the operating temperature greatly influences aging, especially with isolating materials; to this end many electro-technical devices are designed with a thermal class: this represents the maximum appropriate temperature for the product in normal operating conditions.