Type FDP Magnetic iron removers are devices suitable for trapping magnetic and para-magnetic ferrous metals from all types of liquids, ceramic enamel and slips.

Widely used in the food, chemical and ceramic industries.
These permanent magnet systems simplify separation of ferrous materials, allowing for automatic recovery without production stoppage, preserving it from production waste, and guaranteeing a final product free from magnetic steel iron.

The FDP model is generally mounted on the discharge of vibro-sieves or on production lines, it is made up of a ring structure in magnetic stainless steel, upon which is inserted a magnetic candle.

The liquid will pass through the thick mesh and the metal impurities will be hold. It will be enough to slide the grids, moving  them apart from the magnetic field in order to proceed to a simple and quick cleaning.

The ferrite permanent magnets allow for almost unlimited time duration, and the Magnet FDP system does not require any maintenance, a part from periodic cleaning/removal of the captured ferrous material.

If a higher magnetic force is needed, in the same dimensions, extremely strong iron removals filter can be created, using rare earth magnets, which allow for a tripling of the magnetic attraction force, particularly useful for the separation of liquids with para-magnetic or low permeability particles.

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