PM magnetic iron removals are cheap devices for automatically removing of magnetic iron metals from inert in recycling facilities and for treating waste materials, in the food industry, in plastic and in wood, in the recovery of iron metal from the crushing of appliances, cars, “computer” weee, for the glass and ceramic industries, and essential for the crushing of minerals.

These permanent magnet systems simplify separation of ferrous material, allowing for automatic recovery without production stoppage, saving blade shredders, mills and grinders from potential breakage, and guaranteeing a final product with no magnetic steel iron.
Must be positioned as head roller in the conveyor belts and are particularly suitable where the layer of material to be treated is not above 100mm in thickness.

The PM separator can be offered in all diameters and lengths so as to make it perfectly compatible with every need, and is easily interchangeable with already existing pulleys on any transporting belt.
It must be mounted onto appropriately calculated and sized shafts so as to support the weight of the magnet and the traction created by the transporter’s mat, making sure there are no high permeability metal structures close to the magnetic field, which would nullify, in whole or in part, the attractive qualities of the iron removal system.

The concept of separation is extremely simple; the inert material conveyed by an apposite vibrating feeder, once it arrives close to a magnetic head roller (Pulley) will fall due to gravity (if we imagine a clock, the material will fall around 3 o’clock) on a conveyor belt or into a container, while the iron will be detained (until 6 o’clock) and then released thanks to some help from a strip or a porter that will drag the captured iron material out of the magnetic field and into another container or into a dedicated conduct.

The ferrite permanent magnets allow for almost unlimited time duration, and the PM Magnet system does not require any maintenance aside from scheduled regular cleaning/removal of iron material that may have accidentally inserted itself between the mat and the magnetic pulley.

If a higher magnetic force is needed, in the same dimensions, extremely powerful pulley iron removers can be created, using rare earth magnets, which allow to triple the magnetic attraction force, which is particularly useful for the separation of powders with paramagnetic particles or at a low permeability.

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