DB type magnetic iron removers are devices for extracting ferro-magnetic and para-magnetic metals from all liquid Types, all enamels and ceramic slips. Widely used in the food, chemical and ceramic industries.

These permanent magnet systems simplify the separation of ferrous material, allowing for automatic recovery without production stoppage, preserving it from production waste, and guaranteeing a final product free from magnetic steel iron.

The DB30 model can be identified thanks to a special automatic cleaning system, obtained thanks to the positioning of a magnetic drum (that removes iron from the material) and to a decentralized magnetic pulley that provides for the automatic disposal of all ferrous particles to be disposed of.

The DB magnetic sorter is made with an internal drum of Rare earth Neodymium permanent magnets. This magnetic system is made up of a non magnetic stainless steel structure, upon which a special loading hopper conveys the product close to a magnetic system feeding slot.

The material therefore comes into contact with the DT model magnet, which is made up of an internal magnetic nucleus half moon shaped with an external layer, also in non magnetic stainless steel, which turns independently from the nucleus, controlled by a gear motor located outside the conduct.

The inert material will fall due to gravity into the first discharge opening, while the ferrous material dragged by the magnetic field will then be attracted by a second magnetic roller, which will release it in the subsequent discharge opening via a dedicated scraper.

Neodymium permanent magnets allow for almost unlimited time duration, and the DB Magnet system does not require any maintenance, since it is self-cleaning.

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